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Q: Who will be performing at my wedding reception? Will it be Dj Ray or an alternate Dj?

A: All wedding receptions are performed by DjRay including Emcee/Djing along w/an Assistant Dj.

Q:Will there be a signed contract?

A: Yes, additional details are available under the pricing section.

Q: Will you have a consultation with me prior to my wedding?

A: Yes we can have an in person consultation prior to signing a contract," if you elect to do so", plus after siging a contract I will meet with you and your fiancée four weeks prior to your wedding reception in person to discuss and plan all aspects of your wedding reception.

Q: Is there a fee for set-up, break down of equipment

A: No

Q: Is there a travel fee?

A: No,there is no travel fee for Schuylkill County. Areas outside of Schuylkill County will charged a travel fee.

Q: Do you have music for various age groups including parents, grandparents, teens, etc?

A: Yes our vast music library includes music from 1950's to 2010. All music is edited so there are no bad lyrics.

Q: Do you offer a light show?

A: Yes I started in 1993 with the areas first neon/laser light show. At that time light shows were not popular w/wedding Djs.My light show is LED/Neon and Digitally controlled without the nuisance of flashing strobes & smoke machines.

Q: Do you interact with the audience?

A: Yes, we get out onto the dance floor and encourage people to dance without forcing or embarrassing them. We can also teach a line dance in less than than five minutes if requested by Bride/Groom.

Q: I heard about many wedding receptions where people were not dancing, how do you get people to dance?

A: Good question indeed!! As a former musician I know music and can read a dance floor quite well. I will be playing the most contagious music for your group + as a former dance instructor I will be on the dance floor along with my assistant to get the party moving. Many people do not want to be the first ones on the dance floor. I would also like to add that we have been quite successful in getting people to dance immediately after dinner,you will not have to wait until the last hour or so.

Q: How are you different from other Djs?

A: First & foremost I will be there rain or shine. I have never missed a wedding or private party since 1993. Secondly since your wedding day can be one of the most stressful days of your life, I will take control from start to finish by meeting you and your wedding party upon your arrival at the wedding hall and instructing everyone as to what they are to do. You will be informed of all events in advance along with suggestions and only you will make the final decisions. I will make sure that your reception is seamless and worry free. I am totally committed to getting people to dance!! I am a former dance instructor with the experience of teaching various age groups including Line Dances, Ballroom, Hip Hop, etc.

Q: Are you primarily a Club Dj or a Wedding Dj

A: I am primarily a Wedding Emcee/Dj in spite of having been in many clubs. I started in 1993 as a wedding dj and added clubs in the late 90s. I have personally performed for 500+ weddings and I plus planned, coordinated and started another 500-600 wedding receptions. I was running multiple Djs in the 90s and would start most of the weddings then proceed to performing for a another wedding reception at a different location w/myself as the primary Emcee/Dj.

Q: Can you play the same type of music as a club Dj?

A: Yes we can if you want the latest Billboard Hits to be played.

Q: Will there be a second Dj?

A: Yes I am the Emcee/Dj + the is an assistant Dj. This allows us to interact with the crowd more effectively.

Q: Do you consume alcohol on the job?

A: No I personally do not drink plus my assistants are not permitted to drink.

Q: Do you smoke on the job?

A: No I do not smoke and do not permit my assistants to smoke during the performance.

Q: Do you take breaks?

A: No. We provide continuous entertainment for five hours per contracted services.

Q: When do you arrive at the wedding hall?

A: I set-up at 9:00-10:00am if the wedding hall will permit it, otherwise I will set-up 2-3 hours prior to the start of your wedding reception.

Q: When does my contracted time start?

A: At the start of cocktail music or at the start of introductions. We do not start the clock when meeting your wedding party outside the wedding hall and getting everyone ready for the introductions.

Q: Do you use state of the art equipment?

A: Yes we use the same equipment as Nation Recording Artists which is State of the Art professional brands including Crown Amplifiers, Sure Mics, Numark, Pioneer, Denon Cd players/Mixers, Cherwin Vega & Electro Voice speakers and bass box + HP Pavilion Lap Tops.

Q: Do you have back-up equipment in case of a failure?

A: Yes we have a complete back-up system including speakers, mic, amplifiers, and mixer which is at the premises.

Q: Do you carry liability insurance?

A: Yes we carry $2,000,000 worth of liability insurance.

Q: Are you registered with the Better Business Bureau?

A: Yes we are registered w/BBB in good standing with an,"A" rating.

Q: Do you have references?

A: Yes we have testimonials posted on line which includes a photocopy of the actual testimonial which was completed & signed by the Bride/Groom along with their names, tele#s and addresses. So that you can actually call the clients to ask questions. Some testimonials do not include address/tele#s due to Bride/Groom electing not to.

Q: Do you provide party favors?

A: Yes, we provide 50 Leis/Hats for free which can be taken home plus YMCA hats for the Village People routine and Maracas for the Conga Line.

Q: Can I create a list of songs that I do not want played?

A: Yes you may, this is the standard hit list.

Q: Can I create a list of songs that must be played?

A: Yes you may,I understand there will be some songs that are very special to your group that are not conducive to dancing,this is acceptable,however the majority of music must be conducive to dancing, appropriate for a wedding reception and be agreed upon between the Bride/Groom and DjRay Productions.

Q: May I have an example of how you would handle my request list.

A: Example:Let's say that you requested 10 popular Hip Hop songs to be played and after playing two consecutive Hip Hop songs there were no more than 5-10 people on the dance floor,whereas when playing the other music the dance floor was full with 75-100 people,would you want me to continue to play the other eight songs? During the past ten years I can honestly say in these situations the Bride/Groom came to me and said forget the request list just play the music that will get the people dancing.
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wedding djs
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wedding djs
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