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Letís talk about of bouquets, have you considered saving this very special oncein a life time flower arrangement that is so special to you on your wedding day.Your wedding bouquet can be shipped overnight to specialized companies for preservation . The bouquet and boutonniere are taken apart, freeze dried and then put bacl together as originally designedand recreated into a beautiful centerpiece.

Personalizing your wedding means making certain that your parents,family members and wedding party are not forgotten. Remember, they've been an indispensable part in your months of planning. Have flower arrangements sent totheir hotel rooms before the wedding reception. For something very special affect, have the florist use the same flowers that will be in the wedding bouquets. Rememberto enclose a thank you note.

The groom can do something romantic such as having of flowers sent to the bride's home, as well as family member especially the parents.Donít forget the flowers in the honeymoon suite along with a bottle of champagne, wine ,


Decorating the Hall is very important is your wedding reception taking place in a hall or fire company. Use a table cover that compliment the flowers or uses the same colors as the flowers/ You also rent drapes for the walls to add color or to hide the walls.. Use a color that compliments your wedding flowers and attendants' dresses.

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