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hip hop wedding hip hop wedding
hip hop wedding

Mr & Mrs John & Nicole "Nice" Johnson
Wedding Reception
@Fountain Springs Country Inn
Part 1

wedding disc jockeys hip hop

wedding disc jockeys hip hop

wedding disc jockeys hip hop

wedding disc jockeys hip hop

wedding disc jockeys hip hop

wedding disc jockeys hip hop

wedding disc jockeys hip hop

wedding disc jockeys hip hop

wedding disc jockeys hip hop

wedding disc jockeys hip hop

wedding disc jockeys hip hop

wedding disc jockeys hip hop

wedding disc jockeys hip hop

wedding disc jockeys hip hop

wedding disc jockeys hip hop

wedding disc jockeys hip hop

wedding disc jockeys hip hop

Pictures Continued
Part 2

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Pictures Continued
Part 3

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Pictures Continued
Part 4

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Specializing in Wedding Receptions

Dj Ray Productions
"Formerly Masters of Sound Djs"
Owner Ray Baucum,'Dj Ray"
17 Coal Street,Middleport,Pa
8 miles East of Pottsville,Pa on Rt-209
Free #-800-817-9085

Schuylkill County
Since 1993

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wedding djs/disc jockeys/emcees

Serving Schuylkill County since 1993
Have a Wonderfull Thanksgiving!!!
Dj Ray

A Perfect Wedding Dj is an Entertainment Company in Schuylkill County, owned by Dj Ray Productions. ,"Ray Baucum" "A Perfect Wedding Dj Inc" was just added as a Specialty Company for wedding receptions only with Djs having at least 5+ years of experience,including at least 1000+ wedding receptions and being highly competent in controling a wedding reception. We are dedicated to providing Professional Emcees/Disc Jockeys/Djs that have a high degree of expertise in interacting with the crowd and getting people to dance.All Djs/Disc Jockeys are trained in Dance,Crowd Participation & Mic Techniques. We play music for all age groups,inducing all categories,50s-2006 + Top 40/Hip Hop.We will get your Wedding Party Moving!!!. We perform at wedding receptions,night clubs,private parties and all other special occassions.We are located 8 miles East of Pottsville,Pa on Rt-209 next to New Philly,Pa.,which is 35 miles North of Reading,Pa & 95 miles North of Philly on Rt-209. We serve Schuylkill,Luzerne,Carbon,Lehigh and Berks County + the Eastern Pennsylvania Area including,Lehigh Valley,Hazelton,Reading,Pottsville Allentown,Harrisburg, York,Scranton,Lancaster,Pottsville,Schuylkill County and Philadelphia.We will also serve the New York,New Jersey,Philadelphia,Pittsburg and Baltimore areas.Music includes R&B,Adult Top 40,Techno,Rapp,Hip Hop,Disco,Oldies,Please feel free to call or E-mail us for a price quote, brochure and video.Thankyou & have a Great Day!!!!

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Wedding Receptions performed by Dj RaY

Schuylkill County Pottsville Wedding Reception Pictures
Dj Ray's Ultimate Wedding Pa/weddingrty

Antonni Mr & Mrs Robert & Shirley wedding
Pt Carbon,Pa/wedding 10/21/2000

Bambrick Mr & Mrs Pa/weddingtrick
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 05/29/1999

Bashore Mr & Mrs Daniel
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 08/21/2004

Belgio Mr & Mrs Brian & Nicole
Mt Carmel,Pa/wedding 09/22/2001

Bevan Mr & Mrs Brandon & Laura
New Ringold,Pa/wedding 10/04/2003

Biever Mr & Mrs John & Danielle
Lebanon,Pa/wedding 09/30/2000

Blain Mr & Mrs James & Nicole
Landingville,Pa/wedding 05/03/2003

Bogotuik Mr & Mrs Geoff & Cherie
Lebanon,Pa/wedding 06/01/2002

Bonner Mr & Mrs Tom
Landingville,Pa/wedding 03/18/2006

Boyer Mr & Mrs Robert
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 06/26/2004

Bowman Mr & Mrs Jason
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 07/16/2005

Bradfield Mr & Mrs Justine
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 06/18/2005

Brenberger Mr & Mrs Coyne
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 07/26/2001

Brossman Mr & Mrs Travis
Pine Grove,Pa/wedding 05/06/2006

Brunner Mr & Mrs Robert
Hershey,Pa/wedding 05/01/1999

Byrd Mr & Mrs Francis/Agnes
Bethlehem,Pa/wedding 08/14/1999

Chapek Mr & Mrs Chuck & Angela
Mt Carmel,Pa/wedding 09/08/2002

Clifford Mr & Mrs James & Pa/weddingtty
Lehighton,Pa/wedding 05/26/2001

Dacus Mr & Mrs Kevin & Jennifer
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 6/14/2003

Daubert Mr & Mrs Shawn
Landingville,Pa/wedding 06/24/2006

Daukshus Mr & Mrs Michael
Nesquenhoning,Pa/wedding 05/19/2001

Donnelly Mr & Mrs Charles & Pa/weddingt
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 08/25/2002

Dormer Mr & Mrs William & Heather
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 10/05/2002

Edwards Mr & Mrs Chris
Deer Lake,Pa/wedding 01/22/2000

Emala Mr & Mrs Evan
Shenandoah,Pa/wedding 08/27/2005

Fasnacht Mr & Mrs Cory/Bobbi Jo
Tremont,Pa/wedding 05/27/2006

Ferrari Mr & Mrs Joe/Sandy
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 08/14/2004

Fessler Mr & Mrs Dion/Maggie
Summit Station,Pa/wedding 06/15/2002

Flickinger Mr & Mrs Norm/Candy
Gordon,Pa/wedding 08/07/2004

Gerena Mr & Mrs Lynn & Karen
Reading,Pa/wedding 05/31/2003

Getz Mr & Mrs Mark & Kelly
Reading,Pa/wedding 09/10/2005

Gluntz Mr & Mrs Mark & Jolene
Pottsville,"Mt Carbon",Pa/wedding 04/23/2005

Gradwell Mr & Mrs Carl
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 07/29/1999

Graver Mr & Mrs Larry
Tremont,Pa/wedding 04/19/2003

Grustas Mr & Mrs Michael
Lake Wynonah,Pa/wedding 05/28/2005

Gustas Mr & Mrs Greg/Tiffany
Barnesville,Pa/wedding 10/29/2005

Haas Mr & Mrs Zachary/Meghan
Mineresville,Pa/wedding 01/04/2003

Henry Mr & Mrs Scott/Leslie
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 9/21/2003

Herzog Mr & Mrs Jason
Northamton,Pa/wedding 03/17/2002

Hill Mr & Mrs Alvin
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 05/20/2006

Hladky Mr & Mrs David
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 12/31/1998

Houtz Mr & Mrs Steven/Linda
Cressona,Pa/wedding 07/21/2002

Hoy Mr & Mrs Shawn
Summit Station,Pa/wedding 07/15/2000

Hummel Mr & Mrs Sam
Marlin,Pa/wedding 09/30/2006
[near Minersville]

Kane Mr & Mrs Robbie
Orwigsburg,Pa/wedding 10/31/1998

Karpovich Mr & Mrs Larry & Julia
Hazelton,Pa/wedding 07/09/2005 >

Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie & Gina
Landingville,Pa/wedding 04/29/2006

Kessler Mr & Mrs Jason & Brandy
Minersville,Pa/wedding 11/17/2001

Klahr Mr & Mrs James

Harrisburg,Pa/wedding 09/11/1999

Klepchick Mr & Mrs Jason
Summit Station,Pa/wedding 09/18/1999

Kline Mr & Mrs Henry
Minersville,Pa/wedding 08/26/2006

Klinger Mr & Mrs Ryan
Hazleton,Pa/wedding 08/19/2006

Koppenhaver Mr & Mrs James
Tremont,Pa/wedding 10/23/2004

Krammes Mr & Mrs Duanne
New Ringold,Pa/wedding 05/29/1999

Kriner Mr & Mrs Martin
Schuylkill Haven,Pa/wedding 07/11/1998

Lafko Mr & Mrs David
Landingville,Pa/wedding 07/14/2001

Leibensperger Mr & Mrs Gary
New Ringold,Pa/wedding 09/29/2001

Levitsky Mr & Mrs Ambrose
Summit Station,Pa/wedding 05/08/1998

Lewis Mr & Mrs Corby
Pine Groce,Pa/wedding 08/08/1998

Liskiewicz Mr & Mrs Michael/Renee
Cressona,Pa/wedding 10/23/1999

Long Mr & Mrs Lorne/Jeanie
Mt Carmel,Pa/wedding 06/22/2002

Madara Mr & Mrs Shawn
Forrestville,Pa/wedding 09/26/1998 >

Malloy Mr & Mrs Brian/Jennifer
Formerly from Mahanoy City,Pa/wedding
Hazelton,Pa/wedding 04/17/2004 >

Markiewicz Mr & Mrs Don & Susan
Landingville,Pa/wedding 08/09/2003 >

Mcguire Mr & Mrs Shawn & Colleen
Hazleton,Pa/wedding 05/10/2003 >

McKee Mr & Mrs Jonathan
Primrose,Pa/wedding 10/02/2004

Miller Mr & Mrs Louis
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 10/14/2000

Minton Mr & Mrs Daniel
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 12/19/1998

Miranda Mr & Mrs Edwin
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 12/16/2000

Miscannon Mr & Mrs Chris & Jessica
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 10/11/2003

Mojsza Mr & Mrs Joseph & Amy,"Fisher"
Pine Grove,Pa/wedding 12/17/2001

Moran Mr & Mrs Jason & Jessica
Landingville,Pa/wedding 08/05/2006

Morris Mr & Mrs Lou & Gina
Mt Carmel,Pa/wedding 09/25/2004

Murray Mr & Mrs Dan & Megan
Kaska,Pa/wedding 11/03/2001

Nellis Mr & Mrs Brad
pottsville,Pa/wedding 06/10/2000

Newswanger Mr & Mrs Jestyn
Reading,Pa/wedding 04/30/2005

Nunemacher Mr & Mrs Randy
Landingville,Pa/wedding 06/25/2005

Pa/weddingutz Mr. & Mrs. Joseph
Schaefferstown,Pa/wedding 09/12/1998

Peffley Mr & Mrs Steven
Hummelstown,Pa/wedding 11/18/2000

Pettinga Mr. & Mrs. Graham
Landingville,Pa/wedding 07/22/2006

Pitcavage Mr & Mrs William
Mt Carmel,Pa/wedding 02/14/2004

Quay Mr & Mrs Brian
Frackville,Pa/wedding 04/24/2004

Razka Mr & Mrs Pierce
Minersville,Pa/wedding 10/02/1999

Riley Mr & Mrs Kevin
Landingville,Pa/wedding 10/03/1998

Rinehart Mr & Mrs Steve
Grantville,Pa/wedding 07/15/2000

Robie & Buzzy Mr & Mrs
Schaefferstown,Pa/wedding 05/29/1998

Robins Mr & Mrs Jason
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 05/29/2004

Sadusky Mr. & Mrs. Ed
Middleport,Pa/wedding 06/03/2006

Scott Mr & Mrs Jason & Amy
Lebanon,Pa/wedding 11/07/1998

Smalley Mr & Mrs Jason
St Michaels Church

Shenandoah,Pa/wedding 08/21/1999
This wedding is not posted at B&G's request

Spirko Mr & Mrs Robert
Summit Station,Pa/wedding 08/21/1999

Spittler Mr & Mrs Travis
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 08/28/2004

Stein Mr & Mrs Devin & Nicole
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 11/24/2001

Swartz Mr & Mrs Mathew
Minersville,Pa/wedding 10/30/2004

Sweigert Mr & Mrs Kevin & Roxanne
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 06/07/2003

Thomas Mr & Mrs James
Lancaster,Pa/wedding 06/30/2001

Thompson Mr & Mrs Ron
Summit Station,Pa/wedding 10/10/1998

Tietsworth Mr & Mrs Tim
Hegins,Pa/wedding 10/09/1999

Toolan Mr & Mrs Shane & Abigail
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 07/12/2003

Torola Mr & Mrs Steve
Summit Station,Pa/wedding 10/01/2005

Ulceski Mr & Mrs Steve & Denise
Asland,Pa/wedding 11/09/2002

Velchick Mr & Mrs Stony & Suisan
Rick Ann Hall/Minersville,Pa/wedding 11/09/1999

Wagner Mr & Mrs James
Deer Lake,Pa/wedding 09/09/2000

Wallace Mr & Mrs Chris & Denise, "Marmas"
New Philly,Pa/wedding 12/31/2005

Warner Mr & Mrs Pierre & Jessica
Pt Carbon,Pa/wedding 11/23/2002

Wells Mr & Mrs Joe
Landingville,Pa/wedding 9/27/2003

Werdt Mr & Mrs Dustin
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 7/15/2006

White Mr & Mrs Jess
Asland,Pa/wedding 10/08/2005

Williams Mr & Mrs Shawn
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 06/10/2006

Wolfe Mr & Mrs James
Tremont,Pa/wedding 08/18/2001

Yacobenas Mr & Mrs Matthew
Hazelton,Pa/wedding 04/09/2005

Yuslum Mr.& Mrs.Steve
Wisconisco,Pa/wedding 06/17/2006

Zedoneck Mr & Mrs Peter
Primrose,Pa/wedding 10/20/2002

Zelinsky Mr & Mrs Scott
Middleport,Pa/wedding 07/01/2006

Zendrosky Mr & Mrs Michael
Minersville,Pa/wedding 06/19/2004

Zimerofsky Mr & Mrs Vincent
Pottsville,Pa/wedding 11/15/2003

Zulick Mr & Mrs Jason/Tina
Minersville,Pa/wedding 09/16/2006

Zulick Mr & Mrs Jason/Tara
Minersville,Pa/wedding 09/11/2004

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