Wedding Reception Format

Mr. & Mrs.                                                        






Grand Parents of Bride


Grand Parents of Groom


Parents of Bride



Parents of Groom







Jr Bridesmaids



Flower Girl/Ring Bearer




Maid/Matron  of Honor &  Best Man




Bride and Groom

Mr. & Mrs.


1st Dance

“after Intro”



Cake Cutting

[after intro]


[how many]








Specialty Dances

[after dinner]


Bride & Father-

Groom & Mother-

Bridal Party-


One Hour of Dancing


Bouquet Toss


1.Bride must have bouquet                                             [Standard Music]

2.Line-up single females

3.Stripper Song

4.Bride tosses bouquet

Garter Off


1.Put chair in place                                                          [Standard Music]

2.Play stripper song                                         

3.Groom remove garter

Garter Toss


1.Line up single males                                                    [Standard Music]

2-Play stripper song

3.Groom tosses garter

Garter On


1.Put chair in place                                                          [Standard Music]                       

2.Recipients get together

3.Play stripper song

4.Consummate garter routine


Shots and Cake must be in place,”if available”


Bridal Dance”$$$”


Dj selects the music

Music to be Played

All types




Hit List

[music not to play]









Centerpiece Giveaway


Couple’s anniversary closest to date of Bride/Groom’s wedding reception

Anyones birth date  closest to date of Bride/Groom’s wedding reception

Penny under plate or chair


Routines/Special Events

[all routines ok]

Djs leads Conga Line with maracas

Djs leads Hang on Sloopy

Djs leads and teachs Cha Cha Slide

Djs leads Electric Slide

Dj leads Village People Routine to YMCA

Dj leads the Chicken Dance

Dj enterviews the audience

Circle of Friends

Internet is not approved-



Entrance Honor Guard Formation

Limbo combined w/Conga Line

Father is last to dance w/Bride per $$ Dance





Hit List to be Posted to Mixer