The Wedding Dress


 Many brides would like to wear their mother's gown. The truth of the matter is that the wedding dress is  sometimes not appropriate to wear due to aging and  improper storage which  has caused the fabric to be damaged or discolored . Also women are build differently now than pass generations. In the past women were more into manual labor including heavy lifting. Because of this the shape of their body is different. I am not saying  that the modern woman has flabby or out of shape. Women of the 2000 + generation exercise more deliberately and tend to have good body tone and shape. So, the wedding dress of a previous generation may not fit well for the modern bride.

However the bride’s mother's wedding dress can be used for things like making a ring bearer pillow. Don't let it continue to sit in the box and deteriorate. As awful as it sounds: cut up that gown! Make a ring bearer pillow, a flower girl dress, or as lace in the bridal bouquet/boutonneire.

You can also use it to make a floral arrangements or bows for the bridal party chairs.







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